Environmental Sustainability

Geelong-based Balanced Sustainability is a specialist in environmental sustainability with services in energy and carbon audit. Our inspiration comes from an organisation’s opportunity to improve financial performance, reduce environmental impact and improve health and wellbeing for its stakeholders. Our clients are distributed across Victoria.

We elevate stakeholder engagement as an integral part of our work with clients. Energy audits are conducted at schools with the participation of students who are presented with applied numeracy exercises for energy efficiency and energy conservation purposes. For employees, we run group-based learning programs as part of their energy audit, presenting them with their baseline data and distribution of energy consumption over time.

Business Intelligence and Carbon Management

With backgrounds in Business Intelligence and Carbon Management we recognize the importance of providing trustworthy data to guide client decision-making to maximize project outcomes and capabilities. An organisation is strongest and most competitive when it knows its data, including data on energy consumption and areas for potential energy savings.

In 2015 Balanced Sustainability was the recipient of a Community Engagement Award from the City of Greater Geelong for our active work in creating a sustainable future for the Geelong region.

Please read more about our services by following the links below or contact Heidi Fog to book a free site visit and quote for your energy or carbon requirements.

Energy Audit

Carbon Accounting

Stakeholder Engagement

Consumption Data Analysis

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