Balanced Sustainability assists organisations to navigate a path to attain status as an environmental sustainable entity. Building blocks include:

• Evaluating the organisation’s current baseline in terms of energy and resource usage
• Establishing the organisation’s environmental impact based on company activities
• Setting achievable goals and targets with the organisation
• Providing an action plan, listing solutions on how to reach set goals and targets
• Activities and ways to increase stakeholder engagement
• Producing an environmental policy
• Visualise financial savings and improved the organisation’s value
• Identification of resource allocation
• Details for return on investments
• Identify achievable reduction in environmental impact and improvement in health and wellbeing for the stakeholder community
• Implementation requirements for successful activities and projects
• Displaying the expected energy and resource profile after implementation of recommended energy and waste efficiency measures
• Industry Benchmarking
• Activities and projects for risk management strategies in relation to energy and resource expenses
• Assistance with communications strategy to stakeholder communities
• Annual review
• Frameworks for monitoring and evaluation process
 for continuous improvement